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Also known as Russian Toy Terrier, Moscow Toy Terrier, Russkiy Toy Dog, Russkiy Toy Terrier, etc.

If you're looking for high quality, well-bred, in-size Russian Toys with excellent temperaments that are AKC-FSS and UKC registered,  email me! diademchis@juno.com
Russian Toy dogs are an extremely rare breed in the United States at this time. There are probably fewer than 300 total. Russian Toys are great for agility, obedience, conformation (currently in AKC FSS program and fully recognized by UKC, ICKC and ARBA), as well as wonderful, very portable companions. Russian Toy dogs range from 4-6 1/2 lbs, and come in both longcoat and smoothcoat varieties. 

AKC-FSS link to Russian Toy dogs:  http://www.akc.org/breeds/russian_toy/

Alert! Be sure you SEE a copy of AKC-FSS papers for any Russian Toy you intend to buy from a U.S. breeder BEFORE you take possession of the dog, or at least copies of AKC-FSS papers for BOTH parents (puppy papers may be in transit), or you may never get your new Russian Toy AKC-FSS registered! Some breeders do not register their Russian Toys with AKC, these dogs would not be eligible to compete in AKC events of any type (conformation, agility, obedience, lure coursing, etc.).


How do Russian Toy dogs differ from Chihuahuas?


Like Chihuahuas, Russian Toys thrive on attention, they love to be with you taking part in whatever you are doing and happily going with you wherever you go. Chis are more easy going, more laid back in temperament. The RTs definitely have a 'sharper' personality, more terrier, slightly stubborn, more challenging of my authority. RTs tend to bark more at things that don't bother a Chihuahua. RTs are more active, more energetic, if you're looking for a dog to go on walks with you, I think the Russian Toy would enjoy it more than a Chihuahua. I would say Chis are more calm (this is comparing my 5 Chis with my 4 RTs).
Russian Toys learn very quickly and are very trainable. Once they understand what you want and that you are not going to let them get away with 'their' way, Russian Toys will do it your way and do it well. Some are extremely outgoing and friendly, my new male loves every new person he meets, kissing them and jumping into their arms. Both breeds can get along with children if raised with them, but the Russian Toy would have more energy to enjoy responsible, gentle kids. Neither breed would be good with small children due to their fragility.
How do Chis & RTs differ in conformation?
RTs are much higher on leg & are square, the length from elbow to floor is slightly more than from elbow to withers, in Chis this distance is the same length for both.
Longcoat Chis have much more body coat than longcoat RTs.
RTs have fringe along the entire outside edge of the ear, like a Papillon, Chis do not.
Size is about the same, Chis have a maximum of 6 lbs, RTs a maximum of 6 lbs 10 oz. Chis do not measure height, RTs have a height disqualification.
Chis have a round, apple head with a short muzzle (about 1/3 of the total head). The RT muzzle is more pointy & a little longer. The RT has less dome (round top of head) than a Chi. When you look at a Chi, the backskull is supposed to look almost round like a ball. That would be too much dome for an RT.
Both breeds have large round eyes.
RT ears should be MUCH larger than a Chi's ears & they are set much higher up on the head than a Chi's.
Both breeds should have a high tail set. Both breeds are fine boned.
No white is allowed on a Russian Toy and color choices are limited to black/tan, red, red/brown, red sable, chocolate/tan, blue/tan, and a few other dilute colors (the dilute colors are LESS desirable than the richer colors according to the standard).

Caution!!! Please be aware that some Russian Toy dog breeders do not register their RTs with either AKC or UKC so you may never get any type of registration papers. If you intend to take part in any AKC or UKC events such as conformation, obedience or rally, lure coursing or any other event, you cannot do so without registration papers from these two registries. Currently, the ONLY way a Russian Toy can be registered with AKC is in the FSS program. Be sure to ask if the PARENTS of the dog being sold are registered and with what registry!!
Unlike some breeders of Russian Toy Dogs here in the United States, I have over 20 years of experience exhibiting at AKC shows and breeding with the show ring in mind. I have been showing and breeding Chihuahuas since 1993, I showed Papillons for 2 years before that, and Shetland Sheepdogs for 5 years before that.
My dogs do not live in a kennel, I do not HAVE a kennel, my dogs live with me in my house and are socialized to normal household noises and goings-on. They sleep in individual crates in my bedroom so I can hear them during the night. Showing and raising these dogs is not a money-making business for me (I can't remember the last time I made a profit), it is a labor of love, it is my passion. My goal is to improve the Russian Toy Dog breed and create consistency in my litters. As soon as they are able to be shown in the Miscellaneous class at AKC shows, I will be there, along with my Chihuahuas!
I do not offer puppies for sale that are unborn or unweaned, in fact, they rarely leave my home before the age of 12 weeks. I never claim that a newborn puppy is 'show class', there is absolutely NO way to evaluate such a young animal for show. Many things will change as a puppy grows, bites can go 'off', testicles fail to drop, ears may never come up, etc. These changes can disqualify a dog from ever being 'show class'. I do not accept PayPal or credit cards. Please CAREFULLY check out the person you are considering buying a Russian Toy dog from!!
Please read my 'Finding a Breeder' page to help you recognize many of the 'red flags' identifying questionable breeders and for a list of questions you may want to ask the person you are considering buying a Russian Toy Dog from.


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