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My deepest desire is to bring great joy to those who have my dogs. These comments from some of the wonderful people who have gotten my dogs over the years make all the work, all the heartache, all the sleepless nights worthwhile. Enjoy!

The many-talented FELIZ!

"Words cannot describe how much we love our Chihuahua, Feliz NaughtyDog. She has been with our family for almost 9 years and has embarked on so many adventures. She absolutely loves traveling and exploring new places. She steals the heart of anyone who meets her and should probably be awarded "Chihuahua ambassador". Feliz has been surrounded by large dogs her whole life and has never let her size dictate what she can and cannot do. We go hiking, swimming, boating, you name it and she's ready! Feliz has even participated in a duck roundup, barn hunt demo, and a nose work workshop along side our English shepherds. Feliz just recently had the opportunity to be evaluated for her Canine Good Citizen and she passed with flying colors! We hope to add another Chihuahua to the family someday and when the time is right, we know exactly who to call!"
The Popp Family in Lake Oswego, OR with Feliz (b. 2005)


"I met Liz and Diadem Chihuahuas almost 10 years ago when I was looking for a buddy for my little Min Pin/Teacup Poodle mix. Spartacus the Chihuahua was the perfect match. He’s a wonderful smooth coat… never complains about anything. Several years later I fell in love with a tiny cream colored rascal. He came to live with us as a Christmas surprise wrapped in a red stocking, delivered in person by Liz. (It’s never a dull moment with Chi number two, Yukon Cornelius!) About 6 months later, Liz stopped by for a visit with a lovable guy that we named Samson. (After all, if you already have three, what’s one more?).


Not only has Liz provided me with three of the most loving pals I could ever have dreamed of, she has become one of my best friends. I’m lucky enough to live close by, so when our schedules allow, Liz will stop in for a visit, say “hi” to the “boys”, and even clip their nails for me. I’ve seen Liz, the professional breeder, at shows, and I’ve seen her at her home and at mine. She is a caring, genuine person with a real desire to place her dogs in just the right home. Got a question? Liz is just a phone call or email away, and in my case, only a few minutes away to help with any questions I might have."


Jo Anne in ID with Sparky (b.2006), Yukon--in photo (b. 2008) and Samson (b. 2009)

"I first met Liz in 2007 when I was looking for a long-haired Chihuahua. I was able to adopt Stormie from her at that time. I was so in love with this sweet dog, that I came back a year later and adopted Shimmer. A year after that I adopted Breezy. Chihuahuas are truly addictive! Having so much fun with the girls, I decided it was time for a little boy and Cooper came to live with us in 2011.


All four of these dogs are the sweetest, most loving dogs I have ever known. They have the greatest temperament, warmly greeting all visitors that come to our home. They are great with adults and children.


I love Stormie, Shimmer, Breezy and Cooper! And my friendship with Liz has been such a blessing. She doesn't just sell you a dog and walk away. She has remained available to talk to at any time. She maintains not only an interest in the dogs, but in me as well. I not only gained wonderful dogs in my life, but a great friend. I would recommend Diadem Chihuahuas to anyone -- and I do!!"


Kelli in Oregon with (left to right) CH. Breezy (b. 2004), Stormie (b. 2005), Shimmer (b. 2004) and Cooper (b. 2010--not pictured). Kelli makes THE best dog clothes, check them out:


I was able to meet Amie and her three Diadem Chis several years ago, it was fantastic to see the excellent care Amie gives them.
"I found Liz 10 yrs ago when looking for a long hair Chihuahua. I'd been looking for a long time and had contact with other breeders. Liz came highly recommended, as being the best Chihuahua breeder with top bloodlines and quality dogs. I currently have 3 Diadem Chis: Twinkie Cupcake and Buttercup. Not only did I acquire 3 wonderful, well bred, and highly intelligent pups, I also made a life long friend. Liz is always just a phone call away. She has been through every spay, neuter, teeth cleaning and Dr, appointment with all three. Any issue that might arise, she has a plethora of information and holistic solutions. I've been truly blessed, being able to have 3 lovely Chis as apart of my family, but also have an extended family with Liz."
Amie in CA with (l-r) Buttercup (b. 2006), Twinkie (b. 2004), and Cupcake (b. 2004)

"Just over three years ago, my husband and I lost our beloved Chihuahua, Annibelle. It wasn't long before the absence of a dog's love in the house was too much to bear. I don't remember how I found Liz, but I knew as soon as I did that she had all the answers! I learned much from her in our first phone conversation, and before long I was headed out to meet her. Liz brought along two pups and I was immediately in love with both. She observed my meeting with the two boys quietly and then made a recommendation based on everything I had told her about our relationship with our last dog. She couldn't have been more perceptive. I went with her recommendation and took the little boy home, along with all of the much appreciated food, blankets, toys, and directions that Liz included. The pup, we named him Coda, was already potty trained, ate like a champ, and has turned out to be the most gentle, intelligent, healthy little boy ever. Coda loves walking/hiking, cuddling, and nibbling cottage cheese.

"Liz is never more than a phone call away when you need advice. She truly cares about each and every one of her little pups, and the people who adopt them. She is amazing!"

Laura in Seattle with Coda (b. 2010)

"I have had Rico for six years and he is a wonderful companion. When I got him, he was six months old and already house and crate trained. Liz provided instructions on how I could best care for him. He is healthy, well mannered, and a delight to be around. Rico loves to go on walks and we look for squirrels, birds, and kitties."

Connie in WA with Rico (b. 2007), CH. Violet's brother

 "Liz and her dogs were recommended to me by another Chihuahua breeder and I feel so lucky to have found her and I am the proud "mom" to two of her gorgeous dogs. I have Gracie who is 6 years old and I have had her since she was a year old. I also have Gracie's mom Abbie who will be 9 in April. They are the smartest, cutest and most loving little dogs. I love having two as they get along so well and love to play and wrestle and mostly they love to sit on our laps and cuddle. They also are the best little watch dogs, too! No one will ever come into our home without our knowing it!! These little dogs are the best companions and we take them everywhere especially camping and boating. I am so happy that I know Liz and her dogs are the BEST!!"

Jayne in WA with Gracie (b. 2007, on left) and Abbie (b. 2005, on right)


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